Coronavirus: in Iraq, the worst-off in need of urgent help

Coronavirus: in Iraq, the worst-off in need of urgent help

In Baghdad, the lockdown is enfeebling the poorest. Thanks to your donations, Fraternity in Iraq has begun to give out staple products and will intensify its aid in the coming days.

In Iraq also, the Covid-19 pandemic is striking and the authorities have declared a total curfew to prevent its spread. Those who already struggled to make ends meet are made even weaker by this shutting down of the country – especially in the large cities.

Thanks to your donations, Fraternity In Iraq’s members have set up actions to help the worst-off surmount that crisis. An initial round of emergency aid was made available for the giving out of staple products. This will intensify thanks to the 12-parish network supported by our NGO.

In Baghdad, getting ready for distribution. Objective: allowing the worst-off to survive during the lockdown.

The first packages of staple products that have already been given out contain supplies for about ten days. “The families are very grateful for the help that the Church brings to them. They thank Fraternity in Iraq’s donors for their generosity towards their poorest brothers, especially in the difficult time we are all going through” declared Bp. Abba, Bishop of the Syriac Catholic Bishop of Baghdad. Three of his parishes benefit from that emergency aid.

Distribution taking place in front of the Saïdat Al-Najat cathedral, where a terrorist attack had caused the death of 58 on 31 October 2010.

Chatting while waiting in line.

That aid proves indispensable for many of the less well off among the Christians of Baghdad. As Fraternity in Iraq’s managing director Faraj Benoît Camurat stresses: “This was an emergency situation because the poorest families were having a hard time buying food. Thanks to your donations, 200 households have already received a food package! We are counting on you to keep supporting the Christians of Baghdad on the long run”.

200 households have already benefited from that emergency aid.

A priest and a parishioner, starting a distribution tour in a full up van.

We are also responding to the request of the Saint Raphael hospital, the main health care facility of the Iraqi capital, which is run by Dominican Sisters. The aim is to finance the buying of a significant amount of masks, gloves, lab coats, etc. For all this we need your contribution, by both passing the message around and making a donation to the association.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You for your donations that allow us to react swiftly to that emergency: in that lockdown time, we are responsible for the less well-off. Thanks for your loyalty!

Fraternity in Iraq