First overview of the center for disabled children in Qaraqosh!

First overview of the center for disabled children in Qaraqosh!

In Qaraqosh, the great Christian city of the Nineveh Plain, Fraternity in Iraq is fully funding the establishment of a center to accommodate about 50 disabled children. The plans of the future building can give a first glimpse.

Since 2011, a small community of nuns has been hosting disabled children in a flat located in the Shaqaq neighborhood. Chased away from the city by Daesh in 2014, they have relocated there nine months ago and reopened the doors of their small center. But this one is now too small and Sister Amira asked Fraternity in Iraq to help the community to build a bigger and more suitable building. The plans have been issued and engineers and workers are ready to start construction!

As can be seen from these pictures, the center will consist of two floors and a basement. It will include two dining rooms so that children can eat more comfortably. Several rooms will be dedicated to children’s development: playroom, gym and learning room. The nuns intend to hire several people trained to support them (specialized educators, physio, physiotherapist and especially cook)!

On the right is the plan of the ground floor. We can notably spot the large garden (upper part of the photo, not far from the car park). Below are the plans of the 1st floor with the rooms.

There will also be rooms for nuns, who wish to live on site to limit travel times, and others for children who will be boarders during the week. In the center of the plan, on the ground floor, we can guess the chapel between the house and the garden. This garden accounts for half of the surface and thus is a significant advantage for children who love nature! The list of facilities is long: lifts, car parks, adapted premises, etc.

The purpose of this center will be to provide more children with a living environment to blossom. But it will also help families to become aware of their children’s wealth in an Iraqi culture where disability is still badly seen.

Thank you very much for your generous support!

Fraternity in Iraq