Rokan: as feeling of renewal in Qaraqosh

Rokan: as feeling of renewal in Qaraqosh

Thanks to your donations, Rokan, who is a printer in the Christian city of Qaraqosh, has been able to buy an industrial printer that is his primary work tool.

As you walk through the door of Rokan’s workshop in Qaraqosh, the smell of ink and solvent tickles your nose, while a machine noise compels you to strain your ears and raise your voice in order to be heard. An industrial printer is at work. Rokan was able to buy this printer in September 2017 thanks to the economic recovery program of Fraternity in Iraq, of which he was one of the first artisans to benefit from.

His company, which hires two persons, produces posters, wedding announcements and obituary notices, advertisements, flyers, etc. Depending on the media (printing on wood, glass, paper, etc.), Rokan also uses smaller machines. « I may rent some too, » he says. The young craftsman adapts, as needed.

Rokan in front of his printing company clearly visible from the outside! With him, Rami, Iraqi project leader and Marie-Liesse, a volunteer of Fraternity in Iraq in charge of the economic recovery program.

You need so much flexibility when you try to keep your company alive in Qaraqosh after months of interruption with in addition nerves of steel when technology makes you some troubles. Last January, the new printer became unusable for two months because of a broken part. As a consequence, Rokan managed his activity without it while bearing the arrival of technicians from the Netherlands, where the company marketing the machine is settled.

What about the breakdown? This is now only a bad memory. The printing works again as usual. Rokan, who is henceforth relieved, can work with peace of mind. He has even already reimbursed the first installment of the loan that Fraternity in Irak granted him. Out of his nine brothers and sisters, six has gone abroad but he does not plan to go away.

Like Rokan, many of them hope to work again soon. Fraternity in Irak needs your help!

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