Our values

Our values


It is only through a fraternal approach that we will be able to breakdown the isolation of, and reduce the challenges faced by the Christians and other minorities in Iraq. Brotherhood should allow us to frame our action in a dynamic of mutual sharing rather than a disinterested dynamic of just giving.


The Brotherhood with Iraq wishes, within the scope of its own scale, to help the religious minorities in Iraq to live with dignity in their country. For that purpose it builds development projects in areas such as health and education; it leads emergency actions to help victims in conflicts; it also helps the religious minorities to cooperate with and build links with the majority groups among whom they live in order to reinforce their place in the Iraqi society


Beyond the achieved projects, it is in the free time given; through the games played, which could appear meaningless; through the meals shared with simplicity, which all allow us to create strong and deep relationships with our Iraqi brothers. It is these personal links undertaken through the years and the mutual trust which results from it, which determines the Brotherhood with Iraq’s action.


In order not to replace the local structures the Brotherhood with Iraq tries to act with discretion by avoiding the use of either logos or posters on the achieved projects. The Brotherhood with Iraq’s action should first of all promote local people and help them to shoulder their responsibilities in society.


Iraq is an attractive country for aid-workers because of its complexity but also worrying because it remains very dangerous. Caution is predominant in all the Brotherhood with Iraq’s activities in order that no no life is put in danger. Caution is imposed in every step of a project’s achievement: before every decision we question ourselves on the consequences and we ensure that it corresponds to the long term objective.


The Brotherhood with Iraq’s projects and actions are driven by a long term perspective in order to be faithful to the trust we received when we were welcomed in Iraq.

Humility and attention

After each trip to Iraq members of the Brotherhood with Iraq realise that they received a lot from different perspectives. The fraternity that we defend takes all its sense in the simple attention that we pay to the people we meet and the personal links we create with these people.

Responsibility and efficiency

The Brotherhood with Iraq is careful about the efficiency of every euro received within the framework of a given project. This is why every donation made to the Brotherhood with Iraq is used only to finance projects in Iraq. All the members of the association are volunteers. They personally pay for their own plane tickets and all their trip expenses when they go to Iraq.

Fraternity in Iraq